Kim Guay

Kim Guay has a master’s degree in social work, coupled with over 23 years of experience in strengthening child welfare system involved families, children, and youth. In her current role, Ms. Guay is Alaska’s Director of the Office of Children’s Services.  Throughout her career, Ms. Guay has developed extensive knowledge in child welfare service delivery best-practices including the extensive state and federal monitoring guidelines.  Ms. Guay has developed and delivered programs throughout the state such as direct family engagement, centralized services, and CQI oversight- all of which are aimed at expanding and improving service delivery to families and communities. Ms. Guay is on the forefront of government-to-government relations between the State and Tribes through the negotiation of the Alaska Tribal Child Welfare Compact. She is an active member of many statewide groups and committees looking to make long-term systemic change for the betterment of Alaska’s children, families and communities.  A particular passion is examining and developing early intervention systems which seek to prevent child maltreatment.

Ms. Guay is known for her unstoppable optimism and her demonstration that the best results come from a tenacious desire to make all children safer and healthier.