Charity Carmody – Executive Director


Charity Carmody is a fourth generation Alaskan. She and her husband, Kris, have four grown children and three grandchildren. They first became foster parents at the age of 21.

Charity is a Champion for Children Awardee from the Alaska Children’s Trust, a Top 40 Under 40 recipient, an Athena Society Inductee, a member of Anchorage 100+ Women who Care, and an Anchorage Rotary member.

Charity has been in finance and insurance since starting her career in 1994. She started her own company, Carmody Insurance Agency in 2007. Her agency is in Anchorage, Alaska.

She is the acting Executive Director of the Alaska Impact Alliance under her business and strategic consulting company, Beautiful Step Consulting.  Charity is also contracted with the Childrens Bureau as a grant reviewer.

Charity co-founded Beacon Hill in 2009. Beacon Hill has a foster care prevention program called Safe Families for Children Alaska that operates in six cities. It operates Family Support Centers in Anchorage and Wasilla that host supervised visits and mentorship for children in foster care with their biological families. Beacon Hill also manages the Heart Gallery of Alaska which recruits adoptive homes for children in foster care that are legally free for adoption and are waiting for a forever family. The Heart Gallery of Alaska operates state-wide. In 2017 Beacon Hill opened a thrift store and café whose profits fund the operating expenses of the organization. Charity acted as the volunteer Executive Director until 2018.

Charity has a Doctorate in Law and Policy from Northeastern University, and received her bachelor’s in business and MBA from Alaska Pacific University where she now teaches as an adjunct business professor.