Abby Struffert – Family Resource Center Network Director


Abby owns a small consulting business on the Kenai Peninsula which primarily serves to support nonprofit and grant-funded projects in Alaska. The majority of Abby’s work is dedicated to upstream prevention efforts, facilitation and mobilization of coalitions, and connecting communities through grant-funded programs and projects. Abby feels passionate about prevention work on all levels, especially as it relates to early intervention, and supporting families and children across our state. Abby obtained a bachelor’s degree from Purdue University and worked for WebMD Health Services, Baylor Healthcare System, and the American Cancer Society. In 2019, Abby took a leap of faith and started a consulting business allowing her the freedom to contract and support projects that she is passionate about. Most recently she has accepted the title of President of the Alaska Impact Alliance. Abby sees incredible potential in the AIA’s role in reshaping Alaska’s child welfare system and overall wellness for Alaska’s families and children.