Reimagining child welfare
in Alaska
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Alaska Impact Alliance

The AIA is a working group of child welfare stakeholders. We are Tribal, public, and private sector innovators and agency leaders building a statewide community-based prevention network that reduces the need for child protective services interventions.

Reimagining child welfare in Alaska

Community Engagement Team

These AIA members are local advocates with lived experience and a listening ear. They do outreach within a community or neighborhood to understand what community services would strengthen families and keep children safe. They also research similar communities and provide information on best practices. This team represents the community to the AIA and the AIA to the community. They inform and assist in developing culturally competent programming. They work with families and local partners to build strong relationships and collaborations.

Sustainable Financing Team

These AIA members work to create sustainable funding for AIA affiliated programs and agencies. They work to design budgets and creative financing strategies that leverage community investment along with sustainable federal, state, local, and private funding so that successful prevention programs withstand economic and administration changes.

Program Operations Team

These AIA members work alongside local agencies implementing prevention programs. They assist in business operations, program logistics, and policy.

Practitioner Training and Support Team

These AIA members ensure that the needed training is available and provided to clinicians and prevention practitioners. They advocate for and collaborate on the increased usage of culturally relevant services, promising practices, and evidence-based models in prevention.

Legislation and Policy Team

These AIA members work to build relationships with legislators and government administrators. They advocate for and advise decision-makers on policies and legislation that promotes best practices in child welfare.

Data and Evaluation Team

These AIA members assist in determining standards and outcomes measurements of AIA prevention projects. They gather, evaluate, and report on programs so that the AIA can make data-driven decisions.

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Community Engagement Team

• Provides the AIA with local information through research and relationship.
• Informs and assists the AIA in building culturally competent programming.
• Represents the AIA and affiliated programs in the community.
• Promotes AIA prevention programs within the community


• Gathers information on available program funding.
• Assists in program fundraising efforts.
• Designs adequate budget and financing strategies for prevention programs.


• Assists implementation agencies in business operations and program logistics.
• Advises on, adapts, creates, and implements effective and innovative program policy.


• Advises and collaborates on building and implementing promising and evidence-based models from a clinician or practitioner vantage point.
• Assures all necessary training is received and utilized.




• Builds relationship with legislators and government administrators.
• Establishes, advocates for, and advises on legislation and policies that promote best practices in prevention.



• Gathers, evaluates, and reports to the AIA on community and program data and cross-references it with other existing, pertinent data.

Our Mission & Vision

We are a statewide alliance of prevention partners joining communities in implementing supports for children and families. Our vision is that Alaska’s families are strong and children are safe.

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